Name: Scott Pippen Moore
Age: 32
Location: Whitby

Stomping grounds. Mainly the Yorkshire coast and the Holderness Coast but has been known known to spread my wings on occasion and even made it down to Chesil recently!

Hi, my name is Scott Moore known by most as Pippen Moore I started my fishing life in Hartlepool were I was born and fished the match scene for many years - I was junior champion in two clubs (Camerons Brewery Club and the Owton Manor Club) ! Moving up into the adult section was hard however, by that time I made the move down to Whitby things really started for me. Joining the local Whitby Sea Angling Club and meeting the lads opened my eyes. I'm mainly known for Cod fishing given the location I live but you’ve got to move around at different times of the year to target different species.  My favourite at the moment are the sharks.

Best catches. Tope 40lb 12oz, Cod to 12lb, Huss to 12lb, Hound to 18.6lb and Rays to 9lb

Achievements. Writing for Total-Sea Fishing Magazine for over two years, sponsored by Fish Dynamix, Fenix and Vass.

I love the Sport, it's my life and enjoy helping others along their fishing journey