Nick Barsby, 30 joined Cox & Rawle as rig maker and field tester 001 in 2012

Nick started fishing at the age of 9 with his grandfather on Chesil Beach on the Dorset’s South Coast - his first ever fish was a Mackerel.  By the time he was 15 fishing was an obsession  – living an hour from the sea and not being able to drive didn’t put him off as his family would drop him off with his gear and pick him up days later ! !  His biggest fish was a 10lb smooth hound and a PB of 4lb for a mackerel.
It was around this time that Nick took up rig tying – from the diagrams in magazines but the best details came from the his fishing mates on the beach over the years.
He believes that there is something new to be learned from every fishing trip, good or bad … Nick is set in his ways and can’t bring himself to fish from a boat as it would possibly undo all he has achieved as a shore angler.
Nick’s go-to rig is the Pulley Pennell.