Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself; my name is Martijn Dekkers, 42 years old, four days a week I run my own painting company, friday is my regular fishing day. Besides spending time with my family(two children) I enjoy spending my free time outdoors, especially sportfishing! At least once or twice a week is spent on the waterside, If I don't do that, I usually deal with sportfishing in a different way.

Until my 25th year I was mainly active in fresh water, the last 15 years I have focused more and more on salt water, but I regularly make trips to do some fresh water fishing. In principle I can be found fishing everywhere. It is a must that I consciously choose a fish species and then fish it in a targeted manner. Then I look which technique is most effective and what I enjoy the most. For this, a fishing rod, reel and small equipment is often purchased in order to be able to target this species in an optimal way. On the fresh water I prefer large perch, pike, asp and ide, but i also like fishing for carp and catfish. On the salt water I prefer the larger species such as sharks, rays and seabass, but I can also really enjoy the smaller species.

Every year I set myself two or three goals, which can consist of a fish species as well as a technique. I delve into all the information I can find such as: biology, bait behavior, fishing techniques, catch reports all information is looked up. No time or effort is spared to achieve these goals. Usually the goals are achieved, if this is not the case, it will be passed on to the following year. Every year we also make trips abroad such as Ireland and Norway to fish for other and larger species.

Good and solid products and materials are a must in my fishing. For this I search a lot on the internet and regularly order products in other countries that are not available in the Netherlands. I like to experiment with new techniques and materials. I love to combine techniques and materials intended for fresh water with those for salt water and vice versa, I have already achieved surprising results with it! I make all the rigs that I use myself, including parts of the end tackle. I prefer to make myself, so I know for sure that this is really reliable.

I find the most and the best saltwater fishing information and techniques often comes from various English Angling media as they are much further ahead in sea fishing than we are in the Netherlands! The larger fish species such as tope, smooth hounds and rays do not occur in large numbers here. And that's what my fishing buddies and I fish for the most. That takes a lot of time and effort here, but with the right techniques and materials we also catch these fish species in good numbers. That takes time, but can be called special for Dutch standards.  

Since 2008 I am also active as an author for several European angling magazines. Together with my fishingfriend and photographer Bram Bokkers we deliver reports in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and England. Taking care of reports is more or less a hobby within our hobby. Bram likes to take and edit pictures, I enjoy writing and compiling texts.

More and more I was asked how I approach my fishing in the Netherlands. In 2015 I decided to start my own company within the sport fishing: Dutch Fishing Stuff. I mainly provide workshops and guiding from shore and from the boat at sea. Shark and sea bass are my favorites. I also provide fishing lessons at elementary school throughout the Netherlands, assist at trade fairs and fall in with anglingstores if they are short of staff.

In all these years I have seen and held a lot of fishingtackle. I know what I want and what I expect from a fishing rod, reel and (small) materials & end tackle. Thinking, testing and giving feedback on new products is something I love to do. I can write beautiful reviews about these products and with Bram's photos we can show this in a very neat and clear way.