Ian has been fishing since he can remember. Always eager to tag along when the chance came as a young lad. He spent his childhood fishing from boats and the shore. Living close to some of the best beach fishing in Ireland really gave him an advantage, observing and learning all aspects of the environment the fish dwelled in. Using that knowledge he now applies the same techniques learnt to his kayak fishing in Ireland. This has landed him some amazing catches. Ian targets anything that can be caught but most importantly he does it for the sense of freedom and adventure. The kayak goes with him everywhere. 

In 2014 he managed 51 different species off the kayak. Catching all those varieties showed what can be achieved from the kayak. The future looks bright for kayak fishing as its popularity is growing and Ian is learning new things everyday. Fishing is his passion and runs in his blood. 

Nowadays Ian still fishes the waters all around Ireland and is always eager to encounter the next fish. Every opportunity is taken to get out on the water.