Hi there Craig here .

I am a qualified sea angling level 2 Angling Trust coach aimed to encourage and help novice and junior anglers alike and give them a step up to help them on their way. Plus I’m a professional shore fishing guide along the Somerset coast of the Bristol Channel. I also work at West Coast Tackle / angling shops at Minehead and Watchet.

I grew up fishing the River Thames and many of its Tributaries. In 1991 I started Sea Angling in the Bristol Channel at Minehead and haven’t looked back since .

Back in the day there wasn’t any social media, so I learnt the good old fashion way and often the hard way learning the Somerset coast. Often with horrendous Tackle loses and poor results. 25 odd years later, I feel I know the area well enough to offer the any keen shore angler an invaluable service along with the sound advise and knowledge of the correct tackle to use 

Cox & Rawle hooks have played a good part in my sea angling journey so far and I’m very proud to be associated with the products available. I have caught a whole host of specimen fish using them over the years. Most notably many Halibut weighing up to 100lb and many big cod in Norway. Plus lots of Rays, Congers and Cod from the Bristol Channel beaches and Boats.

I’m very much a catch and release angler that likes to keep the odd fish to eat myself. Fish welfare is very much a poignant feature in my coaching sessions, where I show and explain how to handle, unhook, and recover fish for a safe release and odd the odd occasion dispatch and prepare a fish for the table. Education is extremely high on my agenda and I love the beauty of our sport in a way we are always learning something new along the way and passing it on to the next generation is so important these days.