Hi I’m Ben,
I have been fishing since I was 8 with my dad, targeting little mini species such as Wrasse, Pollock, Goby and Sand Smelts. After that I was hooked! Now it is my great passion, I love the sport.

I am firm believer in catch and release and have caught over forty species from 5lb Ballen Wrasse to a 15lb Conger on a size 6. 
Fishing for me is very rewarding. I like to talk to people on my social media sites of all ages and abilities, helping them catch a specific fish they want, or just to catch some fish. I personally fish with two friends who are keen anglers, so we travel around targeting Rays, Huss, Congers and Codlin from 70ft deep water, that’s snaggy, to shallow beaches targeting Bass Whiting Flatties and Coalies.