Surf fishing guide, journalist and photographer Ben Hervey-Murray lives in Orange County, California, USA and enjoys fishing for a variety of species year-round. 
The Southern California beaches Ben mostly targets are home to numerous Leopard Sharks to over five feet plus other big Shark and Ray species - the Brit ex-pat specialises in targeting the larger specimens for his clients and in his own angling using a variety of Cox & Rawle products. 
"The Pacific can offer up tough conditions, especially on the big open beaches the leopard sharks inhabit during the summer, or the rockier marks in the winter, so having top-quality rigs and components is essential for success in my guided and personal sessions" said Ben. "Plus, in a fishery as wild and diverse as the one we have here, the unexpected can turn up at any time and I really appreciate the extra thought and quality that goes into Cox & Rawle products in helping me land those special fish." 
Although he now lives a cast away from the beach, Ben grew up in the slightly greyer surroundings of East Anglia and cut his teeth on the area's rivers, lakes and coastline before a career in publishing led him to stints as a reporter at Angling Times and Sub Editor of Angler's Mail for several years. This took him on many angling adventures across the UK, Europe and beyond. 
After working as a fishing guide and media manager in the tackle industry, Ben moved to the USA and hasn't looked back since starting his guiding business and outfitting business California Sea Fishing ( He specialises in catching large fish such as specimen Leopard Sharks from the shore and helping others do the same.
Pics: Ben with various Leopard Sharks over 55"; sunset in LA; PB Carp from France (waders / glasses on); with Thames Carp 33 pounds; me with Colombian Arapaima Gigas; client playing a fish; Leopard Shark at sunset; client with a serious Bat Ray; family with Leopard Shark.