Way back when I was 7 years old I was invited to a fishing party, dace fishing on my local river, I was the only one to catch a fish, I was hooked as they say. Based in Hampshire I then started to beach fish with family and soon started to catch fish and knew this was the sport for me, learning the art of watercraft and the like it soon became my passion. I worked my way up the ranks fishing club matches with ever improving results and soon got noted for being a thinking angler as was always trying to improve myself in one way or another. I soon found my self-fishing league matches and the like with some very good out comes fishing with some of the country’s best anglers. But soon got bored chasing small fish and being limited to fishing just matches, so I moved over to targeting a set species from the early 2000s onwards, I’ve even done a spot of carp fishing with some success!!! I then had a feature done on me cod fishing down Dungeness that turned out to be a big hit in the magazine so with in the year I was writing articles myself for the magazines for 3 years with some very good feedback and my inspiration was if I could help just one angler to catch a fish they never thought of catching. I’m also lucky as I’ve had some cracking fish from the beaches and some pbs that will be hard for me to beat so I rely on the best fishing gear I can get and have 100% confidence in, won’t be happy with substandard fishing gear in my box. I’m known for my cod, hound and ray fishing and now based in West Sussex, travelling long distances to find fish. With over 40 years fishing behind me, I even today find myself trying to improve my angling skills, even the smallest things can make a big difference to my fishing.