The old adage goes – “You get exactly what you pay for.”  So consider, if something is really cheap you should wonder whether it’s really good value for money.  It’s with this in mind that we set out to grow our rig business in 2011.  We decided that we wanted to offer value for money rather than the cheapest rigs in the business.  That’s why we call them Cox & Rawle Premium Rigs and why we have a full time rig man based in our operation in Wincanton.

The Cox & Rawle Rig Department was started in 2012 and Cox & Rawle’s “Rig Man” is Nick Barsby and he’s has been tying rigs for us full time ever since and has made around 100,000 + Cox & Rawle Premium Rigs for us in total.   Gary is another local talent working for us when we need to build up stocks in the quiet season.

Nick started sea fishing at the age of nine with his grandfather on Chesil Beach on the Dorset’s South Coast and at the age of fifteen he took up tying rigs from the diagrams in magazines but the best information came from experience and the exchange of ideas with other fishermen over the years. Fishing has been his passion from the start so he grabs any chance he can get to go fishing.

Chesil beach fishing

At Cox & Rawle we want our customers to receive only the best quality rigs available, combining Nick’s know how with local information and the best quality components so that we can guarantee you will only receive tried and tested rigs.  We keep our rigs cutting edge so we’re always checking the latest materials, hooks and components. When it comes to main line and snoods we use low-memory pure nylon line so its not like trying to fish with a slinky spring and that there are shop properties built into every rig.  We now use our own IRC Impact Release Clips so that anglers can rest assured that they are safe and reliable.

As a Match Fisherman Nick uses his insight when introducing new rigs and improves existing rigs also by listening to what customers want locally and how they feel our rigs should be improved to offer the best configuration for the job.    In all cases he either tests every improvement himself or entrusts a member of our PRO-Staff to test the Rigs on the waters to see if he has made the best choice of improvement. 

cox and rawle rigs tied by nick

Every rig is tested with a weight to ensure that the line between weight and clip is perfect every time ensuring that it will work straight out of the packet.

The rig business is a local business so it follows what works on Chesil Beach (Dorset) won’t necessarily work on Clacton Pier.  To that end, over the years we have worked with shops all over the South-West to come up with local modifications and designs for new rigs using the best components available.

I hope this has helped you get an insight into our company a bit more and gives you reassurance that our Rigs are nothing but the best - Premium Rigs that you can rely on!