With fishing opportunities coinciding with the ideal weather and tides being few and far between at the moment, there was just enough time the other night to sneak in a few hours before the wind picked up, So I headed out for some Undulate Ray fishing.

Greeted with a stiff southerly wind that got stronger as the evening went on, along with a small building swell, there was plenty of colour in the water and sadly alot of floating thick weed too. Undeterred, I got the session underway and almost straight away I was into Dogfish and then a nice strap Conger. An hour in, I had a lovely 9lb male Undulate Ray. After a brisk start to the session, there was a lull in the action apart from the odd whiting, where some were getting on for the 1lb mark!

Then just after high tide, when as per normal, the Rays moved in on mass, I had 5 Undulates in quick succession to 13lbs, plus a few bonus big Pout. Unlike last time, the Fish were taking a liking to Solent Baits Prawn & Squid wraps on the ever faithful 3/0 Cox & Rawle SCR29 Specimen Extra Hooks. Extremely strong and sharp with a forged bend, and microbarbed, you can have supreme confidence these hooks will not let you down.

It's important to have total trust and confidence in the relaibility of your rigs and components when fishing, even more so in challenging condtions.The successful rigs catching the fish on the night were Pulley pennels with Cox & Rawle Stainless Steel Power Swivels, Cox & Rawle 4mm Rig Beads and, the Cox & Rawle IRC Impact Release Clips keeping the baits securely streamlined in flight until splashing down some 100 metres out.

This particular Ray fishing session was tough going with the weed being a nightmare from the get go, but if you worked with it you could keep a bait out there. The inceasing very strong winds during the session was also a challenge too especially when trying to take photos, but I finished up at the end of the evening being very happy with 6 Undies!

Perseverance in challenging conditions plus using reliable end tackle you have complete confidence in, certainly helps give you that vital edge.

Tight lines,

Alan Brown

Undulate Rays, Big Pout and Prawn & Squid Wrap Baits