Game, Set and... Aberdeen Match

Cox & Rawle Field Tester John Lewis has been fishing, testing and reporting back on the Aberdeen Match hook and also taking time to check out the 2 Hook Flapper Rig.

The Osprey II

If you didn't know or weren't aware already, we sponser a boat - The Osprey II, skippered by Pat Condon.

Bass V Chinu

Jason White has been putting the Cox & Rawle Chinu hooks through their paces. Recently he took them to East Bay Dungeness for a spot of Bass fishing.

Gary Robinson: Tying Up Traces

After a busy few weeks with work it was great to know that the opportunity for a session on the kayak was on the cards again.

Fish of a Lifetime on Light Tackle

What has been your biggest ever catch?

Has it been anything to match Stuart Putnam's giant of a 192Ib Shark


Gary Robinson: Articulated Lures

I have been having immense fun fishing for pollock recently and I think it is definitely to do with a small tweak I have made to my lure fishing.

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