Alan Brown - Trip To Norway

“The time had come the Walrus said” to take my first ever trip to Norway with friends Dave Collins and Martin Doe

Guiding Diary by Craig Butler

With the winter Cod fishing guiding season here, I always like to get ou

Dealing with Holiday Withdrawal by Alan Brown

Home at last … after a week’s camping in Devon, I walked through the door and took one look at the weather and ti

Fishing in an Arctic Paradise by Craig Butler

Every year for the last 11 years I’ve made the long journey to the Island of Uløya and our base at 

Raying At Anchor by Richard Albones

It was Friday night and a mid-July weekend was almost upon us, what a scorcher it was looking to be!

Opening the Cod Season on Chesil by Alan Brown

The plan was to fish Sunday 26th August 2018 down at Chesil Beach, I had fresh Blacks ordered

Guiding Diary by Craig Butler

A recent guiding/ coaching session for Taunton lady angler Judy Payne.