Andy Webb is a member of the Cox & Rawle field testers team and has been sea angling from the shore for 16 years. Andy spends most of his fishing time specimen hunting for a chosen target of species around the southwest of England and travels across the country fishing at every opportunity.

Here he talks us through his recent field testers pack and how the Cox & Rawle Crab Hook stood up to his testing:

'After receiving my field testing pack, I planned to put some of the gear to use on the up and coming weekend to target specimen smooth hound. This species would definitely put the tackle components to the test, as hooking a double figured hound will sure put your tackle to its limits.

With targeting big fish it is always of the upmost importance that my terminal tackle is strong and can cope with the fishing I intend to use it for.C&R Crab Hook Whether it be that I'm targeting specimen ray, conger, Huss, Bass or Smooth Hound the tackle and equipment that I use has to be of a strength and quality to enable me to, once hooked a fish, get the fish to the shore line.

Another issue to contend with are the many rocks and weeds and other objects on the sea bed which I most probably will have to pull line and terminal tackle through. This can potentionally mean that "the fish gets snagged" or this may not be to blame and it is purely strength and pulling power of fish. If this were to happen using cheap and low quality tackle it could potentially mean losing a fish that I have been waiting hours for and possibly a fish of a life time. Specimen hunting for a target species is a waiting game  and there really is nothing worse than hooking a decent fish after spending all that time waiting for it and losing it to either one of the following (hook's, swivel's, line's, leader's or knots given in ). Therefore I have to make sure that all of the above and more do not happen when fishing, and this is done by a few easy steps, namely, "by using top quality tackle components to do the job at hand".

I have used the Cox and Rawle uptide extra hooks for my ray fishing for a while now and with some great results, I have found them very strong and of great quality "which is everything I seek in a hook". After being asked to join the field testing team at Cox & Rawle and cover the South West area of England, I was delighted and very much looked forward to trying out some other products from the Cox & Rawle range. I made up some basic "pulley rigs" made up with Cox & Rawle components - an 80lb rig body, two stainless steel swivels, two Beads, a rig clip to attach my 5oz weight and 40 lb trace loaded with a single 4/0 crab hook. As crab would be the only bait I needed to try and seek out a specimen hound.

The session itself was a cracker with Smooth Hounds up to 12 lb 8oz caught on the night and I was overwhelmed with the quality and strength in the Cox & Rawle products I was using. Smooth Hound can be very tricky to catch at the best of times as the initial speed and impact of the Hound hitting the bait is the time when a good quality hook comes in to its own, and this is what you get when using the Cox and Rawle crab hook range for Smooth Hound fishing...

"The Crab hook range - a must have for the tackle boxes of all you smooth hound addicts out there"


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