Sometimes it is great to get out on the water and not specifically target one particular species. These days, fishing a little smaller and using a rig that will catch most species is a great benefit from the kayak. In a range of kayak rigs that Cox and Rawle have added to their catalogue of tackle is the Kayak Rock Rig. This rig has been developed to take into account of these days where a variety of species is on the cards. 

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Having used Cox and Rawle rigs in the past I was confident that this rig would consist of the same quality components used previous. Being hand tied is too an added bonus. The rig is tied up using 100% fluorocarbon line adding to the invisibility of the trace. Rated at 15lb to 20lb makes the trace ideal for targeting smaller species that may inhabit the rocky reefs that are drifted across. That is not to say that it does not work well over a clean bottom, it has caught me flatfish as the weight clip is tied shorter than the hook length meaning the bait will be closer to the bottom. The rig is tied in a pulley formation using two quality swivels and beads. This ultimately means the weight is pulled out of the way when fighting a fish. The hook used is one of my favorites and is the Cox and Rawle Chinu hook in size 2.

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When using this rig I found that just clipping on my fillet bait on was key to stopping it spinning while on the drift. I have also used this rig with worm baits and have had success too. It is great to be able to take a rig out of its packaging, tie it on and start catching fish. The weight clip added to the rig makes changing the amount of weight a breeze and depending on the drift speed I can vary my weight accordingly to keep my bait on the bottom.

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So what are my final thoughts on the Cox and Rawle - Kayak Rock Rig? Well firstly the rig caught fish which is great. Not only this, I am a firm believer in fishing with confidence and was confident using this rig. Quality terminal tackle and as always the brilliant Cox and Rawle hook quality.