Each month Andy Webb puts a hook from the Cox & Rawle range to the test. This month it was our Uptide extra hooks.

Uptide extra hook

Uptide extra group











Saturday 14th June 2014 and Andy set off to the lower Dorset coast to test the uptide extras. 

'With the tides building up to the top of the springs it was a fantastic time to put the hooks to the test.'

There were mild north-westerly winds, great for targeting specimen smalled eyed rays. The weather conditions meant that they would flatten off the sea on the particular part of the Dorset coastline. With the spring tides near their highest point this would hopefully bring in the rays - the chosen target.

Andy chose to use the Pulley drop down rig with a 6/0 Uptide extra hook attached to the end of an 80Ib trace line with a 6/0 Uptide extra hook used above as a pennel hook - a large sand eel as bait.

'The hooks are very sharp and you can present a large sand eel bait perfectly onto these hooks, and the strengh of the hooks are outstanding. Both of which are the qualitites I look for in a hook to target specimen small eyed rays. 

As you can see the end result was outstanding.'

Andy and ray


"A MUST HAVE for all the tackle boxes of all you ray hunters out there"


"10/10 STRENGTH"