A few weeks back instead of going Cod fishing, I went Ray fishing in Minehead Somerset, on a 7 day pursuit of trying to catch some Bristol Channel specimen Rays. It was also a good opportunity to rigorously test the new Cox & Rawle IRC Impact Release Clips and put them through their paces.

The 1st thing you will notice that these are packed assembled, so no struggling to put them together or buying tools to help you build them. This is a god send for those anglers amongst with big fingers that find assembly fiddly- not anymore thanks to theses new beauties from Cox & Rawle. Already assembled, it also saves the angler time and with no tools needed, cheaper and better value for money.

They also appear stronger and the red clip seems much more durable, the metal frame feels stiffer compared to others bait clips on the market I have used in the past too. During the week, I used hooks up to 6/0 (SCR29 Specimen Extras) and think I could possibly get away with slighter bigger in conjunction with these new IRC clips.

The clip holds the hook tighter than others by the thinner yet stronger materials used to improve its capability even further. Other similar clips on the market have had issues in past of the paddle or curve at top of clip breaking. I made sure to test the durability of theses new clips by reusing the same clip for 11 sessions over 7 days without any issues and they never let me down once. Being bright red, the high visibility of the clips certainly help baiting up even more so at night.

An issue anglers mention about bait clips is releasing early, the only time this happened was a dodgy cast or a poorly elasticated bulky bait. Every time the bait was well presented and a good smooth cast, I had no issues and bait un-clipping every time on impact with the water. All my rigs have now been re tied with them and know I can use with confidence knowing they won’t let me down.

Over the 7 days, we were catching Small Eyed Rays, Spotted Rays and Conger Eels - Proof of the pudding that these clips will help get your bait to the feeding zone, giving you the best presentation.

Alan Brown