Nick Barsby joined Cox & Rawle as rig maker and field tester 001 in 2012 so you may say that he knows his hooks!

Nick has 3 go-to hooks in particular and here he has given us the low down on the hooks that have served him well in the past...




CRAB HOOKSCrab HooksCrab hooks loose


'I think these are great as they are super strong. I did very well on #4 last year for dabs and small plaice'




ABERDEEN MATCHAberdeen Match HooksAberdeen Match loose


'All my best plaice last year were on these hooks. #1 is a good all rounder and although they are lightwire they are still strong. There is a slight offset which I am sure increased my hook ups!



CHINUChinu hooks

'I ended up catching an 'unintended target' of a 4Ib Cod with this hook in #4. It was hooked firmly through its lip! These are extremely sharp and strong hooks!' Chinu Hook







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