After trying out many manufacturers inline hooks, I was ordering from suppliers worldwide once all arrived and trying them at my camp in west Africa ,they just didn't fit the bill, I couldn't believe my luck when I found out Cox & Rawle had started distributing them in the UK .

My thoughts went back to the early days of cat fishing when we used the tried and tested up tide extras for the catfish ,remember this was in the days before you could buy purpose made cat hooks ,so I knew instantly that if Cox & Rawle had anything to do with these inline lure hooks they would be top class.

After speaking to Amanda, she sent out samples of the SCR50S Inline Replacement Single-Bluewater, to me on inspection the hooks looked perfect, for my worldwide adventures, strong, sharp and I couldn't destroy them with my pliers.

So to the first out in the field (sea test ) I was flying out to Panama for a little lure fishing and jigging. 


So the hooks performed absolutely spot on they're strong, extremely light so they don't affect the action of your lighter lures.

It's been hard to find the perfect hook for my styles of fishing. But I can honestly say in the single inline lure hooks from Cox & Rawle I have, in my next blog I will take you into deepest Africa to the tiger fish camp, where these fish no matter how big have a knack of crushing most manufacturers hooks like paper clips.