It's now mid November I'm lying on my bed at a tiny lodge in the middle of the African bush ,staring at the ceiling fan spinning, I'm sweating profusely, outside I can hear a pack of wild dogs attacking what sounds like an wild boar (bush pig) I'm not brave enough to venture outside to investigate the screams of this poor beast, or perhaps I've grown a little wiser anyway my mind is full of one thing only, dreams of monster tigerfish it's rapidly approaching time to get up out of bed, launch my boat and put the recent terminal tackle Cox & Rawle has sent out through its paces.

On many of the lures I chose to use for the tiger fish I don't trust the factory supplied spilt rings supplied with the lures, so I've been putting Cox & Rawle micro spilt rings CR.A.MSR through their paces and they've proved themselves an excellent product, strong light and they're available in 6 different sizes, the 00 size are perfect for ultra light lures.

Next up on the terminal end of my set up I've been using the stainless steel crane swivels CR.A.BBS again these have proved bombproof are available in an multitude of sizes from 30lb breaking strain right up to  8/0 1540lb, I particularly like the size 6 as they're tiny and incredibly strong, an real plus point for me is the black nickel colour because I don't like bright silver swivels as in the past I've had both tigerfish and barracuda hit the flash of the swivel and cut me off, there's enough different sizes available to satisfy any angler both for uk fishing as well as more exotic destinations 

Finally I'm going to talk once again about the Cox & Rawle inline single lure hooks SCR50TN they're ultra light sharp from the pack and don't interfere with the action of any lure I've tried them on ,they're also the only hooks I haven't had crushed by the tigerfish.