At Cox & Rawle we pride ourselves on the quality of our Rig Making and that we are always improving our Rigs for that our customers catch more fish!

The Cod Season is coming soon and if this year is anything like last year the Cod will be bigger and fishermen will be keen to land big fish!!

So we are now introducing the Improved Cod Rig, in sizes 4/0 and 6/0!

We have improved the Original Cod Rig by making it into Cod ‘Pulley Loop’ Rig – by changing the bottom snood material to Amnesia, helping to pin the bait to the sea bed. This will have the effect of giving better bait presentation and helping to avoid tangles with the top snood. Finally we have changed the hook to a 6/0 Cox & Rawle Uptide Hook (finer wire) which will help set easier when a Cod strikes improving your catch rate!

Cox & Rawle make a range of Premium Quality Rigs in England using top quality line, components and hooks for beach fishing, sea fishing and all species from Shark, Tope and Dogfish to Cod, Pollack and Flatties (look out for updates on the new Sole and Plaice Beach Rigs and also Bass Beach Rigs).