As kayak angling grows in popularity, so does the vast amounts of fishing gear available to the angler. It may become overwhelming for someone starting out who may not be confident in their approach to successfully catch their intended quarry. Thus Cox & Rawle have developed a few rigs to assist kayak anglers, which I have been given to try out.

The rig tried first is the Cox & Rawle - Kayak Pulley Rig. Like the conventional pulley rig, the variation for the kayak comes in the form of a shortened hook length and weight length which makes it easier to handle on the kayak. The rig I was given to test comprised of two 1/0 sized hooks. The trace is hand tied using Fluorocarbon trace line. The two hooks are used in a pennel formation which allows bigger baits to be used and held straight. On first opening the packaging and having a good look at the rig I was confident that it would catch me fish so out on the water I took it for a test using Peeler Crab and Sandeels for Spurdogs.

Kayak Pulley Rig

Although the 1/0 sized hooks were a little small for the Spurdogs I was after, I was confident in the strength and quality of Cox & Rawle hooks as I have landed many large fish on them. I was using a spinning rod and reel loaded with 12lb braid which I tied directly to the Kayak Pulley Rig. Bait would be either Peeler Crab or a Sandeel with the head and tail removed. Opting for the Sandeel bait I rigged it up with ease by threading the first hook through the Sandeel and then securing it using the sliding hook which is wrapped a few times around the trace line.

Using this rig means that with certain baits there is no requirement for bait elastic which is an added bonus. The kayak Pulley Rig comes with a weight clip which makes switching the size of the lead very easy. On this particular day I opted for a 2oz weight as this would hold the bottom perfect in the area I was fishing.

Sandeel Rig

Confidence plays a vital role in my fishing and if I do not feel confident in any part of my angling, be it the trace or bait, I will make a change until I am satisfied that I am doing the most I can do to maximise my chances of landing a fish. Having that said, I felt confident using this trace and that I would catch a fish and that is just what I did. The rod had a surging pull and I was into a Spurdog on the Kayak Pulley Rig. After a brief struggle I landed a decent Spurdog which was lip hooked and after a few photos it was released to fight another day. A great success for me and the Kayak Pulley rig. I only had two Spurdogs this day which one was caught on a standard single hook ledger and the other caught on the Cox & Rawle Kayak Pulley Rig


Kayak Pulley

So what are my final thoughts on Cox & Rawle's Kayak Pulley Rig? Well it worked for me and I was confident using it and will be using it when I go after bass in the coming months. It is tied with top quality rig components and feels well tied with good strength. Overall I think it is a great rig for various species and allows bigger baits to be used on smaller hooks.

In the next write up I got to test the Cox and Rawle Flattie Rig which did get a great day out.

The Kayak Pulley Rig is a NEW Cox and Rawle product that will be COMING SOON!