There are numerous species of flatfish that inhabit the waters around the coastlines which can be readily targeted by anglers of all experience levels. This makes them a very appealing quarry to most and I for one enjoy targeting flatfish of all species. Cox & Rawle sent me out a rig which has been developed for the kayak angler to target flatfish. I took it out for a days fishing and it produced some good results.

The rig being used for Kayak Flatfish fishing is the Cox & Rawle - Kayak Flattie Rig. The rig itself is hand tied using Fluorocarbon to increase invisibility in the water. This certainly helps with fish that are shy on the bite. The Kayak Flattie Rig comes with two offset light Aberdeen hooks. These hooks are ideal for rigging strips of mackeral or threading on some lugworm. Quality components make up the rest of the rig but finally, and a point worth discussing, is the beads. Everyone may have their own personal preference for bead colours, as do I. The Kayak Flattie Rig comprised of a mix of green and black. It looked good but only testing would reveal if it was.

Kayak Flattie Rig Kayak Flattie Rig

I managed to get to try the Kayak Flattie Rig on two occasions. The first stop was at a local bay where there are various species of flatfish and a vast amount of ray species. I baited both hooks up with a thin strip of mackeral to imitate a baitfish and allowed it to wave in the water. Down to the bottom it went while I drifted across the sandy bottom. It was not long till I had that rattle sort of bite that is associated with a flatfish. Lifting into it the fish I soon had my first Flatfish in the form of a Flounder caught on the Cox & Rawle - Kayak Flattie Rig.

The second day I managed to get out and test the Kayak Flattie Rig, I fished local again. I catch a variety of species at this mark so anything could turn up. Bait of choice was once again thin strips of Mackeral which really is a great bait when targeting Flatfish. The first fish to meet me at the side of the kayak was a a small Turbot which was good to see as we dont catch very many of them.

Turbot Caught

The rig was obviously working as I had another rod out with just a single hook ledger that was not getting much attention at all. I then get a decent take on the Kayak Flattie Rig and taking my time with it as it felt like it could be a flatfish, I was surprised by the sight of a small Thornback Ray. I guess the rig can catch them too.

Thornback Ray

Thornback Ray Underside

Final thoughts on Cox & Rawles Kayak Flattie Rig? I found it to be a great little rig to have me when the fishing was a little slow. It managed to persuade a few fish into taking when there really was not much else happening. Once again Cox and Rawle have used quality terminal tackle to tie this rig up and I enjoyed using it. I felt confident and it was a breeze to set up. Another great product.



The Kayak Flattie Rig is a NEW Cox and Rawle product that will be COMING SOON!


In the next write bass season will be open so its time to test the Cox and Rawle Bass Rig!