The Cox & Rawle blog has been a little quiet of late as we updated the website to a fresh new look, but this doesn't mean that the fishing stopped!

Back in October of last year field tester Jason White caught the heaviest flatfish in a Sheerness Steel Club Competition on a Cox & Rawle Match hook.

The picture shows what a beauty Jason's catch was. He fished the Princess Parade on Saturday 4th October for 5 hours, starting in the day light and finishing up in the dark. Jason's heaviest flatfish was second in his zone with a total weight of just over 2kg.

Jason said,

'I was using a 3 hook loop rig; 15Ib snoods and #2 Cox & Rawle Aberdeen Match hooks. I love the slight off set in the barb. The sole was caught on a black lug and weighed 585g. I also had dogfish codling and whiting.'

Well done Jason!

Aberdeen Match