A recent guiding/ coaching session for Taunton lady angler Judy Payne.

After a couple of disappointing monthly session for Judy. I was starting to question my ability in leading Judy to a session with a fish. Tips ,tricks and techniques on venues not a problem, getting a fish on the hook seemed a frustrating thing. Thankfully things turned out much more fruitful on this session with Judy bagging herself her 1st ever bass. Not massive bass, but very welcome non the less.

Fishing 3 hook flappers rigs armed with Cox & Rawle Aberdeen perfect hooks baited  with rag did the business. It was comforting for Judy to know she didn’t have to be power casting miles out to sea to catch a fish. This is something many anglers go to pieces on thinking they need to launch a bait out of sight. This is just not the case in many situations. In the past blank sessions Judy’s confidence was dented by thinking she is not casting far enough. Hopefully it has been cast aside for now. Bass, codling and a variety of flatfish and other fish will all move closer in, almost within spitting distance especially on flat shallow calm beaches.

On this particular day the surface weed was making life hard. Judy fished hard through the floating debris while others would just pack up and go home. Pointing out to Judy that positioning the tripod in a down tide angle helps stability of the rods and stand against such weed problems definitely helped and will help for future sessions. Also not reeling in as soon as a bit of weed gets hung up on the line and recognising a fake weed bite from a genuine fish bite it vitally important. Judy’ tally of 3 nice school bass at the end of the session was very well deserved for her efforts and determination. It goes without saying all 3 bass were carefully handled photographed and returned to grow on.