Cox & Rawle Field Tester John Lewis has been fishing, testing and reporting back on the Aberdeen Match hook and also taking time to check out the 2 Hook Flapper Rig. John spent some days in September out on a Ray hunt and also a night time species hunt and has hit upon some great success.


'The baits of choice were rag worm, the rig was a 2 Hook Flapper and the hook choice - a favourite choice of hook for this style of fishing - the Aberdeen Match. The fishing was slow to say the least with only dog fish feeding on the drop of the tide but as the tide pushed up the beach the fishing switched on with Whitting, pouting, green eels and a nice sole - all caught and released. I've also been enjoying a bit of ray fishing of late and find the hooks 100% strong and reliable. They complement the bait to give added presentation, so a massive well done to the development team at Cox & Rawle.'


John Lewis Aberdeen Match

John Lewis Aberdeen Match

The Aberdeen Match is a lightweight version of the classic Aberdeen with a slight offset meaning, as John has pointed out, a more delicate bait presentation and improved hook-ups. The hook has a round bend and mocro barb so it is ideal for worm baits and the majority of species. The hook comes in sizes #4 - 2/0 with a long shank and a straight eye.

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