Wednesday 25th of March and Field Tester Jason 'Big Jay' White was back on West Hythe Beach, Kent on the hunt for Plaice.

The weather was good - very sunny and spring like conditions with the wind blowing Northwesterly.

Jason fished for 3 hours of the flood and 1.5 hours of the ebb tide. He used a variety of rigs at different distances and managed 2 good size Plaice Dabs and Flounders with a couple of Pin Whiting for good measure!

Jay said, 'A very productive session using only black lug dug fresh that day. We used Cox & Rawle Aberdeens #1/0 on 15Ib snoods. We used a larger hook than usual purely to deter smaller fish from taking out baits. When using medium size gutted blacks these hooks help present the bait correctly.'

#1/0 Aberdeen

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