Recently I had an enquiry from the grandparents of 10 year old local boy Corey Brody for a fishing lesson. Corey had shown signs of interest in fishing but with no family members that fish they were at a lost end . With Corey being autistic this complicated it a little . It is proved that engaging in something of interest is a real benifit for focus and general well being and motivation, whether it be fishing, cars, football or whatever. In this case for Corey its fishing. 

After a quick chat with Corey and his grandparents a couple of weeks ago we set a time and place. So on Saturday we met up at Blue Anchor beach on a glorious afternoon. In just a short time Corey was practicing casting with a spare rod while we had a baited rig out trying to catch a fish. At this point I have to mention that I was amazed at just how instantly Corey picked things up . It was like he’d been fishing loads of times. Two things in particular I was amazed to witness was the way Corey tied a blood knot, it was like he’d done it a 100 times before. I didn’t even have to demonstrate how to tie it he just took the line and swivel from me and I talked him through it and there was none of that all fingers and thumbs stuff that is often the case when doing something fiddly. Then when it came to bait cutting and knife etiquette. It was simply a case of showing Corey what to do and he just did it . No slashed ripped or random cutting. Just perfect cuts and bait cutting. 

To round of an amazing short session Corey spotted the only bite he had and caught his first ever fish in the shape of a dogfish so we even managed to get a bit of safe fish handling in before we packed up. His smile says it all, and myself, I feel totally humbled to assist Corey and what a pleasure it was too.