What has been your biggest ever catch?

Has it been anything to match Stuart Putnam's giant of a 192Ib Shark


Stuart caught the whopper on a 4-8oz Abu Uptide Rod, which needless to say made for a great fight! The shark was caught whilst the group of 4 men were on their annual trip aboard Bite Adventures, skippered by Chippy out of Penzance. This year the group decided to make their trip a little longer and started the 6 day fishing trip with 3 shark days followed by 3 species days. Starting on Sunday 13th July the group headed out and totalled 21 blues caught and released in one day!

Over the last two years the group have travelled down to Penzance and enjoyed staying in a cottage and fishing with Chippy. Both years the group have been very lucky with the weather and last year over the 5 days the group netted 59 blues which were released back into the sea. The biggest was 170Ib which Stuart was lucky to be on the end of.

We can only dream of what the group may catch next year!