We sent out two of our new hooks from the Cox & Rawle range to our field testers to see what they thought... here is what Big Jay had to say!

"I have been sent a couple of new hook patterns to test from Cox and Rawle. Firstly the Power fast bait holder in 3/0 - a heavy gauge hook with a tight gape and off set barb. Along the shank are small bait retaining barbs which are great for larger worm baits and king ragworm. The retaining barbs will help hold the worm up the shank, improving on bait presentation and allowing you to use them with a whole squid or large crab bait.

Secondly, the Long range worm - again it has a tight gape, no off set in the barb and lighter gauge steel which makes the hook idea for smaller more delicate baits such like harbour rag, whites and such like. I would use this hook when match fishing. Both hooks are very sharp! I'm off fishing on the North Kent coast looking for smooth hounds, eels and Bass...I will try the hooks and report back.

We fished a mark on the isle of sheppy. High tide was around 10am and we had king ragworm and fresh crab. I decided to use a pulley rig. I used 70lb rig body and 25lb snood and I tied a power fast bait holder 3/0 hook with a 5oz weight. I found that the retaining barbs held the ragworm in place and not laying limp around the gape. We had hounds to 5lb and bass to 3lb we also had big eels. Very productive and very impressed with the hooking power of these hooks I will definately try other sizes in the range.

I will test the other hooks on my next trip"

New Hooks


What did John Lewis think?

"I was sent the new range of worm hooks from Cox & Rawle, so with the nice weather we have been blessed with i took full advantage and headed straight to the beach.

Using sand eel launce wrapped in a bit of squid I sent the first bait out there to see what was to be caught. I have been using the Cox & Rawle range for well over a year now without any problems, (without them going blunt or even snapping under pressure from a fish) ever. I was rewarded with a nice eel of between 5/6 lbs I am now thinking of taking these on the hounds, I have every bit of confidence when using this brand of hooks. My number 1 choice for all my fishing in South Wales."

John Lewis

The Power Fast Bait Holder and Long Range Worm are NEW Cox and Rawle products and you can find out more about them by clicking here!