So my last blog I told you I was going to take you deep into the African bush, to an Tigerfish camp I run, I also told you last time that these fish are notoriously difficult to hook up on owing to the ultra hard mouths and the way they leap from the water in a head shaking frenzy enter Cox & Rawle Cox & Rawle Blue Water Inline Single SCR50TN my hook up ratio as improved highly since switching to these.

Picture 1 is an Rapala Clackin rap using Cox & Rawle Blue Water Inline Single hooks.





You will see on inspection of the lure & hook arrangement, the hook points are away from the chunky body of the lure, and if you wanted to increase the distance from hook & lure you could space further using either Cox & Rawle Micro Spilt Rings - CR.A.MSR or Brass Ball Bearing Swivels - BRBBSCL  in my opinion the hooks set far deeper in the Tigerfish mouth, than treble hooks and I'm convinced the Tigerfish almost use treble to lever themselves off treble hooks, that said I do sometimes, depending on river conditions & feeding behaviour of the fish use a treble on the rear but always an Cox & Rawle Blue Water Inline Single SCR50TN at the front of the lure.

Pic 2 is an smith lure using the single inline hook / treble arrangement



So here is an shahilian tiger fish captured recently by one of clients of around 8+ kgs Using single inline lure hooks the fishing fought like a beast made several leaps once hooked and the hooks as usual with all Cox& Rawle equipment second to no other

Pic 3 is a large tigerfish with client using single inline blue water hooks

pic 3

Pic 4