So after a three and a half hour drive from Cumbria to the European Open Beach Championships on the Holderness Coast near Sand le Mere Caravan Park Mike Larkin arrived full of enthusiasm.  Straight away he and a mate went driving around looking at marks that they fancied fishing that were accessible with get downs on the cliffs. They fished the southern beaches around Newton Easington in the past but fancied further North and decided to fish the first day at North Withensea and then make a final decision on where to fish Sunday.
For the Friday Flattie Bash he drew Zone B where the water condition was good with a bit of colour and not too much swell. The match started and he was off like a rocket with his conti gear clipping and whacking the baits out. Fishing the SCR35 Scratching Match Hook in size 4 with four-day-old wrapped blacks he managed triple shots then steady away on single fish after first two hours fishing went slow with the odd Dab and a 41cm Cod which was a thrill on light gear.
He ended up with 12th place overall out of a field of 333 anglers !  RESULT !!
Saturday he was up and at his mark at North Withensea by 0530 hrs set up and got his head down for an hour - the game plan was to heavier gear and fish at distance all day with a Pennel Clip-down Rig with Cox & Rawle SCR21 Uptide Hook in size 2/0 starting with single fresh blacks and yellows.  The first two hours were slow with no bites or fish caught.  Then as the tide changed the Whiting arrived - He managed seven Whiting and a Dab with 2 hours to go I decided to change my bait to fresh crab which paid off with a tap tap and a slack line which resulted in a 47cm (2lb 3 oz) Codling followed by a sized Whiting  at 37 cm with thirty minutes of the match left he called it a day and headed back to the weigh-in. 
Sunday he hit the same mark that had delivered a Codling the day before. Using the same tactics was like groundhog day, nothing for two hours and then a dozen Whiting before hitting a 37cm Coding - not big enough so back out again before achieving a sized Whiting to weigh-in.
Mike finished 71st out of over 1200 anglers so not too bad
Bring on EOBC 2021
Images courtesy of the SAA Media Team