Just a few words on what Cox and Rawle have to offer Cod Fisherman in the 2017/18 season.

If you tie your own rigs you’ll want to find yourself a good line and components, this will ensure that your rigs last and keep catching that fish!

We recommend Hi-Seas Grand Slam Mono as it holds a good knot and is hardy enough to land a big fish in extreme situations. Cut your rig body and snoods and connect initially to one of our rig clips. Notice how the eyes are round and closed, not all rig clips have good eyes!!

Choose your hook wisely…Cod are bruisers and will fight you all the way to the shore (or boat) so wire weight is critical. You’ll know when you have a Cod on the line because the ‘nod’ as they turn and dive. You’ll want the security of a Cox & Rawle Specimen Extra (SCR29) or a Cox and Rawle Uptide Extra (SCR22), both have a wide gape to help you present your bait to maximum effect.

Cox & Rawle Crane Swivels are another part of an ideal Cod Rig. They’re ALL stainless construction, so they are going to cost a little more but they are twice as strong as a brass barrel and crane swivel; so you get a stronger Cod Rig in your box and more Cod at the end of the day.

Cox & Rawle Cod Rig components to consider
SCR21 Uptide Hooks #4/0 and #5/0
SCR22 Uptide Extra Hooks #4/0 and #6/0
SCR29 Specimen Extra Hook #4/0 and 6/0
RC Rig Clips
CS Stainless Steel Crane Swivels #4 180lb and #6 100lb

If you don’t have time to tie your ow Cod Rig or prefer pre-tied Cod Rigs you really should try Cox & Rawle Rigs. They’re tied on premium line and use the best Cox & Rawle rig components.

Cox & Rawle ready-made Cod Rigs to consider
CR.R.COD Cod Rig #6/0 80lb/40lb
CR.R.COD Cod Rig 4/0 80lb/40lb
CR.R-PUP 3/0 Pulley Pennel Rig 3/0 80lb/40lb

ALL tied in England For Fisherman by Fisherman