Here at Cox & Rawle rigs have been a part of our range for many years.

Our rigs have always been tied in the UK but now they are tied in house by Nick Barsby - you can look for his intials on the back of a pack! Nick was also the first member of the Cox & Rawle field testers team and has been fishing since the age of 9, where he went fishing with his grandfather on Chesil Beach and caught his first ever fish - a mackerel.

Aside from this Nick is one part of the in-house team who work on production and packing of the entire Cox & Rawle range, from hooks to components to rigs. Having the in-house team enables us greater control over the quality of our products and gives us the ability to adapt to the market demands rapidly.

During last years modernisation of the brand we felt it was a great opportunity to re-vist the design and materials used in our classic rigs. We wanted to make them more appropriate for today by using modern materials and more up-to-date methods to give all anglers the greatest chance to catch fish in whatever area they choose. The result was to improve the quality of the components used in assembly.

The swivels we use are 100% stainless steel and up to 3X stronger than traditional brass swivels. This has allowed us to streamline our rigs which means longer casting distances and a neater overall finish. In order to match the quality of our new components we have sourced the finest quality line to tie them with. Japanese monofilament provides a high breaking strain whilst maintaining a finer diameter than most lines available on store shelves.

What is your first choice Cox & Rawle rig?