We enjoyed an incredible competition in round two of the Bossington and Porlock League. Anglers travelling from all over the South West of England and Wales attended this match, which produced one hundred and seventeen sizable fish, accumulating to a massive match total weight of 293lb.

Our contest was all pegged and zoned with one zone at Porlock Weir and two zones on the beach at Bossington. Porlock Weir turned out to be the best zone for numbers of fish, while the fishing at Bossington was much harder in places but did produce a few quality fish.  

cox and rawle       cox and rawle

All the fish in this match were measured, returned and then converted to weight using a chart provided by the match organisers - Channel Anglers SAC, we promote catch and return in all of our matches.

cox and rawle prize

Thank you Cox and Rawle for sponsoring each of our three zones with a lovely prize made up of hooks and rig components. The winners certainly deserved their prizes, putting together some great bags of fish.

cox and rawle

Adam Farmer won Zone-A and the match with twelve fish weighing a total of 29lb 5oz. He was fishing at Porlock Weir, his bag consisted of Smooth Hound, Spotted Ray, Dogfish and a Tub Gurnard. Adam did really well beating a group of really experienced match anglers in this zone.

cox and rawle

Paul Curtice won Zone-B which was fished on the left hand side of the beach at Bossington. This zone was by far the hardest area to fish from in the match. Paul won the zone mainly thanks to a nice Blonde Ray weighing 10lb 1oz which he caught mid-way through the match. He then added a single Dogfish and a rockling for a zone winning bag weight of 12lb 4oz.

cox and rawle

Steve Ace won Zone-C at Bossington which was fished up on the right hand end of the beach near Hurlstone Point. He landed five fish for a total bag weight of 19lb 6oz. Steve caught the majority of his fish late on in the match nearing the high tide, his bag consisted of three Smooth Hounds and two Dogfish.

Match three and the deciding leg of this competition will take place on the 30th December. Porlock and Bossington boast some really special fishing in the winter months with the chance of additional species like Spurdog, large Conger Eel, Codling and Whiting.


cox and rawle