Field Tester John Lewis lives in South Wales and has been out catching Smoothound on our Cox & Rawle Uptide Extra #4/0 hooks...


Down on the welsh coast we have been waiting for things to kick off. With the winter species now moving away attentions turn to summer species and what better way to target the harder fighting fish than with the Cox & Rawle Uptide Extra #4/0.

These hooks are just super sharp and strong and once a fish is hooked there's no escaping from it.

I recently enjoyed some hectic sport using these hooks and they have never once failed on me. My advice is to get some and see for yourself.

Landing 8 smoothounds ranging in weight from 6lb to 9.12lbs these certainly took a beating but remained super sharp - which is all you ever need from a hook.

By far my number 1 choice of hook!