Jason White has been putting the Cox & Rawle Chinu hooks through their paces. Recently he took them to East Bay Dungeness for a spot of Bass fishing.

Jason tied up a couple of single hook clipped rigs using 15Ib snood line. He then attached two Cox & Rawke Chinu hooks #2 to the snood line.


‘I rate these hooks for this type of fishing especially when using the world famous Dungeness black lugworm. The hooks are short and made of a heavy grade steel. 

The Chinu hook has a nice offset at the barb end of the hook and these hooks are great as they are more than capable of handling bass with attitude, not only this but black lug can be presented very well using these hooks.

The weather on the day was sunny spells with medium strength wind from the west which increased throughout the day. The fish showed as soon as the water hit the beach with bass close to 2Ib taking out baits. We also had small flounders – all the fish fell to black lugworm. Overall it was a great days fishing with good company.’

Chinu Hooks



The Chinu hook is extra strong and super sharp. It is a classic Sea bream hook, made using high carbon steel with a forged bend for added strength. Available in sizes 14 - 5/0.




Jason White